Product Care

All Goddess lingerie is designed to look after you. But returning the favor requires a little more thought. Here’s how to care for your best bits.

Do hand wash
Machine-washing your lingerie causes material like elastene to lose its strength – which is important for support. More delicate items like lace and embroideries will also last if they’re washed gently by hand.

Do not dry clean
Again, dry cleaning will cause elastene to lose all its strength

Do not bleach
Bleaching will damage delicate fabrics and change their original colour leaving everything a little wishy-washy.

Do not iron
Surely you don’t anyway, but if you’re tempted, stop yourself. It will ruin lace and embroideries.

Do not tumble dry
Instead, be green and let the fresh air get at them. Tumble-drying will only damage elastene, abuse embroidery and the underwire could interfere with your machine.